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7 tools fulfilling your needs

JobsForNurse offers a wide range of products to ensure a maximum visibility of your organisation on the nurses Job Market.
As such, it guarantees you to find the right profile you're looking for.

To ensure an efficient follow-up of your research, you have the possibility to create your own account, in which you can perform all the actions you need and keep an overview of your activities.

What's in for you?
  • JobsForNurse is the first website to directly target the nurse's community
  • Your job announcement will be online during 2 months
  • JobsForNurse provides you a full range of tools to maximize your exposure and keep an edge in a tight job market
  • Our Job Alerts System will drive your announcement to the right candidate
  • Your presence on the Job Market will be enhanced. Your logo will be displayed in all our products you will use and will be part of our clients Logo Wall.

Select your key criteria and find your relevant profiles in our candidates' Data Base

What's in for you?
  • Our tailor made criteria board enables you to perform quick and accurate searches.
  • We offer a database with a wide range of nurse profiles.

You can give a higher exposure to your job announcement by posting it on a dedicated section of the Home page JobsForNurse.

What's in for you?
  • During 10 days, your announcement will appear on the Home page JobsForNurse, which is seen by every nurses before entering his or her own account.
  • This process puts extra spotlights on your job announcement.
  • It also increases the visibility of your organisation.

You have the opportunity to put your job announcements in our Newsletter.

What's in for you?
  • Periodically, we will inform candidates about hot jobs on the market.
  • Reach directly your target and inform them about your job opportunities.

You can top the Jobs List screened by the candidates looking for the right job by using the Pole Position tool.

What's in for you?
  • Two opportunities to stay a step ahead and keep an edge over the other organisations.

If you want to give full visibility to your organisation, you will grasp the opportunity to display your visuals on various sections of our website by using our Publicity Solutions. Banners are located on the top of the page. Skyscraper and IMU are located on the right side of the page.

Also, we provide a dedicated section of our home page (on the tope left side) called Video corner. In this area, a recruiter would have the opportunity to describe its organisation and directly communicate with the candidate.

What's in for you?s
  • It is a way to communicate beyond your current job vacancies.
  • It allows you to develop a long term brand building strategy.

We can help you translating your announcement in all 3 languages of our website (French, Dutch, English).